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Your on-line supplier of products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Our focus is in Amplified Listening Products, Alerting Systems, and Special Needs Communication Systems.

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Amplified Telephones, Alerting Systems, TV Listening Systems, Personal Amplifiers (Pocketalkers), Remote Control Speakerphones for Independent Communications, FM Listening Systems, Infrared Systems, and Loop Systems, Vibrating Alarm Clocks and Vibrating Watches, Tinnitus Sound Conditioners, and Hearing Aid Conditioners. ChatterVox, ChatterBox and Tour Guide Systems.

Our commitment is to Excellence in Quality and Service. Our goal is to bring the enjoyment of Clear Sound back into your daily life.

Your on-line business is appreciated. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions and ideas.

ABN: 36 305 938 202

ALDS USA & Canada: http://alds.com

ALDS NZ: http://aldsnewzealand.co.nz

ALDS South Africa: http://alds.co.za

Company Policy

Treat others as you would want to be treated

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Product returned in the same condition received, at time of purchase, will receive full credit.

Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable.


Required information for Warranty adjustments:

Name, Address, Invoice Number, Date of Purchase. Reason for Return. All Products returned with in the Manufacturers warranty period will be repaired or replaced according to the manufactures warranty policy.


Ted Clegg

Managing Director



Operations & Technical Support

ALDS Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

ALDS was founded by in 1991 as a company specializing in unique products for the hearing impaired and has been in the Clegg families hands since 2008.  The Cleggs’ due to hearing loss in within the family have a real passion for, interest in, and personal stories to share about assistive listening devices and how the products can and do help people in many different daily living circumstances.

The North American division of ALDS is managed and run by Ted Clegg who has been passionate his whole working career about not just selling a product to someone but finding out what product meets his clients’ needs.  This is what he loves about working with products for the hearing and voice impaired. It is all about finding the right solution to fulfill a person’s need and improve their quality of life.

ALDS now have reputable and passionate team members on the ground in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

Please contact ALDS Australia to find out about having the experts at ALDS present to your audiologist and hearing practitioners during your company’s annual hearing conference on the products in the assistive device family and how these products can greatly enhance not only your clinics business but more importantly your clients’ daily living needs.


With customers, all around the world, we are happy to send our products to almost anyone anywhere that has a letterbox, P.O. Box, or street delivery address and/or even to your business addresses.

Orders will be sent by parcel post air service or by TNT courier depending on location and size of parcel.

Most orders are packaged and sent within 1 business day of the order being placed; however, we cannot control delivery times once the order is in the hands of the shipping company.

As a general rule, regular post will take 5 to 8 business days for most locations within Australia. We will let you know if there is a longer turnaround time for your particular order.

If for some reason you’re having trouble receiving or finding your order, please email us any time at info@aldsaustralia.com.au.


We offer a flat fee rate of $9.95 incl gst.